The control room has come a long way (at Homewrecker Studios)
My buddy Joe @lonewolffx has made a few pedals that have become secret weapons for both Territory and my studio. He perfected the modded HM-2 he made me and I can’t fucking wait to use it.
hey, quick question....what all did you use on the guitars of the Sex Prisoner State property ep. (aka guitars, heads, pedals, mics, mic pre, plugins, how many tracks?) Very good tone. Extremely curious.

Oh wow. That was a while ago, but I’ll try to remember as much as I can..

Guitar: LTD EC-1000 w/ EMG-85

Amp setup: Marshall JMP 2203 into Orange 4x12 w/ V30’s & Gibson Mercury into Marshall 1960 with G12T-75’s

Pedals: Signal split using a Radial Bigshot ABY, then HM-2 into the low input of the JMP, Providence Stampede DT into the Mercury

Mics and Pres: This is where I’m not so sure, but I think on the JMP/Orange I had PR-31 and a Lundalh Fathead, and on the Mercury/Marshall I had a Tape-Op mod SM57 and either another PR-31 or an SM7b. Everything was either going through a Universal Audio 4-710d OR 2 mics we’re going through a pair of ZenPro modded GAP-Pre73’s and the other two were on the 470d.

Plug-Ins: almost certain my plugin chain was just the stock Pro Tools 7 band eq, Trident A-Range EQ and the Waves 1176 all on my guitar buss. Track wise, we just doubled up the guitar for stereo, and I probably either used a Tubescreamer with the gain all the way off in the guitar chain or the Tonelux Tilt eq on one side of the guitars to increase the perceived stereo width.

Most of that tone is honestly just the HM-2 into the low input of the JMP, and you can’t crank the HM-2 like everyone does either. Hope it helps.

Territory recorded some new material for a 7” back in July. Here’s one of those songs.

Profit off deceit
Make them believe
Lies upon lies, destroyed lives
In years to come, this moral guise you won’t deny

We can’t be seen from the sky
Come in close, see the dagger with your eyes
Our mountain tomb, home of future graves

This isn’t political, this is revenge
Because this is all that I have left

For all that has been done
For what has been done

We are reborn, in your demise
I’m cutting all ties, unleashing all lies

TERRITORY recorded material for a 7” last July, and we are finally releasing one of the songs. Check it out on bandcamp. Punch a hole through your wall:
Got to see Harvey Mason’s incredible studio complex today and hang out with the man himself. Dude has produced some of the biggest names in pop and RnB include Whitney Houston, MJ, JT, Will Smith, Chris Brown etc etc. Seriously insane. (at Mason Media)
In a couple weeks I’ll be filling in on bass for Sweet Weapons on this tour. Better see plenty of my Cali friends come out!

In September 2013 we took a little drive to Tucson, Arizona to record a couple songs with our good friend Ryan Bram at the very cozy Homewrecker Studio. The songs are what we think is our best work yet and we were extremely excited to work with Bram on these, together. Once they were all done we had them sent over to our friend Arthur Rizk for mixing and mastering and he did an excellent job but now these two songs finally get to see the light of day in 2014.
Now we know 2 songs isn’t much but we felt like we needed to give you guys something. So you know were still here.
These two songs will be coming out on a cassette that we are putting out entirely on our own. The cassettes will be out of 200 and there will be three color ways, each with different cover art. You will be able to purchase the cassette with a poster/t-shirt bundle package in January 2014.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.
 ….flowers are forever

Very nice shout out from the TBO dudes. Excited for these to finally be released!